Aboriginal Cultural Centre Business Case Project

Project Overview

The Dorrigo Plateau Local Aboriginal Land Council (DPLALC) have expressed the need and an inherent desire to raise Aboriginal awareness through cultural interpretation. The traditional owners of the land are the Gumbaynggirr people, this proposal has identified the need to express the local Aboriginal culture within the community and the broader region. The vision of the Gumbaynggirr Aboriginal people has been one of economic opportunity and development through business and enterprise generation. This business case expands on this visualisation of the Gumbaynggirr people, a self-governed and autonomous decision-making enterprise. Securing stakeholder partnership and community alignment alongside contemporary political directives, this proposal echoes a remarkable investment in regional Aboriginal culture and history.

Our Role

Ecobalance was engaged to assist the Gumbaynggirr Aboriginal people to articulate their vision of developing sustainable enterprises that promote training and long-term employment. Our team developed the business case that provides a pathway to a self-governed and autonomous decision making Aboriginal cultural centre located at Dorrigo NSW Australia. This facility would provide an exceptional opportunity to highlight the Gumbaynggirr nation and culture, promote a social network and generate financial independence. The proposed centre under the auspices of the Dorrigo Local Aboriginal Land Council will provide recognition of Aboriginal people through cultural tourism.


The planned outcomes for this project included: 

  • The physical development of an Aboriginal cultural centre and generation of a business enterprise.
  • An Aboriginal cultural centre focused on exhibition and delivery of Gumbaynggirr heritage and culture.
  • Economic improvement and generation to the local and regional businesses, industry, in particular tourism.
  • The employment of Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal persons engaged in the management of the centre.
  • Stakeholder partnership and engagement with the local and broader community.
  • Volunteer engagement and support, focused on the management of the centre.
  • Educational expansion through curriculum engagement of schools and universities.


Dorrigo, NSW, Australia.


NSW Government Premier in Cabinet.