Aboriginal Strategic Planning Project

Project Overview

Moondarewa Incorporated is a non-government organisation that represents a range of stakeholders that work together to support and foster the social, economic and cultural wellbeing of the Kombumerrri people. Their organisational philosophy is to provide a strong, coordinated and united voice to address Aboriginal issues which include, education, employment, rights to our land and sea country and sustainable enterprise developments that aim to improve our people’s economic and social well-being. 

Our Role

Ecobalance was engaged to develop a strategic plan that provides a pathway for creating meaningful partnerships with industry that support wealth generation for the Kombumerri people. Our team facilitated a series of workshops to scope out enterprise development innovations and opportunities, in accordance with various government funding application requirements. We assisted Moondawera Incorporated to identify a clear, concise and collective organisational vision inclusive of setting/determining organisational goals. We developed a vision statement and strategic objectives document.

As part of this project we prepared funding applications in accordance with the federal governments funding criteria. Our team also developed draft partnership agreement for consideration by other Aboriginal organisations. 


A strategic plan which articulates a clear pathway for creating sustained cultural, social and economic empowerment for all Kombumerri people.

Success is to establish strong connection to our traditional land and sea country. Success is developing and fostering respectful partnerships with industry and all levels of governments. Success is being awarded funding through self-determining innovative program initiatives.  Success is owning and operating sustainable and meaningful enterprises. Success is cultural education programs developed for the wider community and available for every Gold Coast school. Success is improved health and well-being for all Kombumerri people.


Gold Coast, QLD, Australia.


Moondewera Incorporated.