Employment & Capacity Building Project

Project Overview

The Working on Country (WoC) and IPA programmes established by the Australian Government in partnership with Banbai Enterprise Development Aboriginal Corporation (BEDAC) have created economic and social prosperity for Aboriginal people through providing employment and training opportunities. As a result, the Banbai people have gained significant skills in a range of service areas relating to land and cultural heritage management and project management. BEDAC is now ready to tackle the challenges of developing sustainable business enterprises that will allow them to transition from government funded programs to a future of economic independence.

Our Role

These federal government programmes have allowed their organisation to build significant economic and social capacity, however, these programmes are not guaranteed into the future. As a response, Ecobalance was engaged to assist BEDAC board with the planning and development of viable business enterprises.  Our role was to assist in the development of a fee for service business model that will provide a pathway towards economic independence. Specifically, the objectives for this project were to develop a business plan that: 

  • Developed a sustainable business that offers a range of high-quality land management services to industry and agencies responsible for land management;  
  • Developed, promoted and supported sustainable business enterprises;
  • Provided employment opportunities for Aboriginal people to deliver and implement a range of services;
  • Expanded these services within Australia.


A sustainable business enterprise developed that allows BEDAC to transition from government funded programs to one of economic independence. These business services will be expanded to local businesses within the northern tablelands region and the corporate sector. Their business model allows them to keep costs low and ensures that the social, environmental and financial performance of their organisation is continually evaluated by their board. 


Guyra, NSW Australia.


Banbai Enterprise Development Aboriginal Corporation.