Property Management Plan & Business Case Project

Project Overview

The Bundjalung Tribal Society’s vision within their Business Strategic Plan 2019-2025 embraces a ‘A strong Aboriginal entity growing and empowering ‘Bundjalung people’ and a mission statement of ‘Building the foundation for future generations of Bundjalung people’ by standing tall, walking proud, working together, providing quality Aboriginal housing and cultural services. The BTS’s strategic plan encapsulates the inherent and fundamental planning components in respect to the group’s vision, mission, values and overarching emphasis of self-governance and autonomy. These statements present greater understanding and respect for the Bundjalung Tribal Society and the group’s aspirations for a successful and sustainable future. The reinvigoration of the Namabunda Farm venture with engagement from the broader BTS community and the incorporation of supportive infrastructure. Principally, a cultural centre housed at the farm or within regional vicinity.

Our Role

Ecobalance was engaged to assess the challenges from previous farming operations in detail and develop pragmatic solutions for sustainable enterprise development. The property management plan (Part A) for the Namabunda Farm was primarily focussed on the development of a small-scale Macadamia plantation, the retention and improvement to a section of Lychee crops, a bush tucker and Syntrophic (Agroforestry) operation with an ecological restoration component. The plan guides the Bundjalung Tribal Society in enterprise development with an emphasis on training employment and partnerships. The business case (Part B) identifies the potential for a cultural centre facility and community infrastructure development either within Namabunda Farm or within close proximity enabling ecotourism facilitation.


The plan formulates a self-governed pathway, encompassing decision making autonomy, partnership and stakeholder extension. The report strategically advocates for the Bundjalung people recognising BTS Aboriginal culture through business management projection and tourism expansion.


Ballina, NSW, Australia.


Bundjalung Tribal Society.