Our services range from assisting small businesses with development applications to managing large multi-disciplinary environmental impact statements for major projects.

What We Do

Our services range from assisting community organisations with enterprise development initiatives to managing large multi-disciplinary environmental impact statements for major projects.

We are a reputable and trusted professional consultancy specialising in customised, integrated, cost-effective organisational development support and ecological planning solutions. We assist in the development of meaningful enterprises and provide technical expertise in balancing the competing demands of the community, the environment and economic viability

Our team works across the following sectors:

  • Local, State & Federal Government.
  • Aboriginal Organisations & Traditional Owners.
  • Construction & Industry.
  • Energy, Mining & Ports.
  • Tourism.
  • Transportation.
  • Urban development.

Local, State & Federal Government

Governing is becoming harder as community expectations of information accessibility and service delivery becomes more demanding. Policy development is often complex, budgets are tight and political cycles are short. Our team understand these challenges and provides the highest standard of services in a timely and cost-effective manner.

We work closely with government agencies to prepare feasibility studies and to attract sustainable investment and development in regional areas. State Government agencies have engaged our services to assist with approval advice, to coordinate environmental and cultural heritage studies and to provide technical advice. Our services to Local, State & Federal Government sectors include:

  • Feasibility assessments.
  • Weed assessments and GIS mapping.
  • Marine and terrestrial studies
  • Community engagement and stake holder analysis.
  • Environmental management system audits.
  • Ecological restoration planning.
  • Ecological assessments.
  • Environmental management planning.

Aboriginal Organisations & Traditional Owners

Our team has undertaken numerous projects assisting in the development of meaningful enterprises and providing technical expertise. Our learnings have included:

  • Capacity building – directly engaging with Aboriginal organisations brings real relationships and benefits, creating change both within our business and in the community.
  • Sustained commitment – building genuine and respectful relationships takes time and our ability to make commitments and honour them is key to building trust.
  • Technical knowledge transfer – our strengths and experience have allowed technical skills to be transferred to Aboriginal people through our “on the job” and “off the job” mentoring program.
  • Outcome focused – our capacity to reach targets in often complex and challenging areas of addressing Indigenous disadvantage requires perseverance, patience and the ability to maintain focus.
  • Quality assurance and reporting – the ongoing measurement, quality assurance and return on investment evaluation of our programs demonstrates our ongoing commitment and accountability to Indigenous Australia.

Our services to the Aboriginal Organisations & Traditional Owners sectors include:

  • Capacity building, training and project management.
  • Organisational governance & compliance
  • Feasibility assessments.
  • Enterprise development including business planning and business case development.
  • Environmental management system audits.
  • Ecological restoration planning.
  • GIS mapping.
  • Ecological assessments.
  • Environmental management planning.

Construction & Industry

Ecobalance understands the importance of delivering safe, timely, cost-effective services to achieve project outcomes. We offer a suite of environmental services tailored for the construction industry, built on our thorough understanding of environmental legislation and its specific application to development and infrastructure projects.

We can facilitate your community and stakeholder engagements, assist you with selecting your project teams, preparing or reviewing tenders and environmental management plans and with the project management of your contractors.  Our team can provide environmental compliance advisory services during construction and operation, reporting and auditing. Our services to the construction and Industry sectors include:

  • Preparation of construction environmental management plans.
  • Baseline ecological assessments, including flora, fauna and aquatic pre-clear surveys, mapping, habitat assessments, impact statements and species management plans.
  • Community and stakeholder facilitation.
  • Development approval applications and legislation compliance assessments.

Energy, Mining & Ports

Ecobalance works with a number of organisations in this sector in the provision of statutory planning and environmental regulatory advice and approvals. Project work in this sector has included sediment analysis, water quality and aquatic ecology monitoring, marine ecology surveys, and EIS for proposed developments. We have assisted industry with securing permits and approvals for a wide range of coastal developments. We have a team of certified occupational divers, licenced skipper, access to in-survey vessels, and experience working in busy ports and marine environments.

Project work has seen our staff seconded to construction projects, clearance approvals for exploration activities through to environmental impact assessment (EIS) for International Car manufacturing plant. Ecobalance’s services assisting the Energy, Mining & Ports sector include:

  • Environmental Management System Audits.
  • Ecological Planning, Restoration.
  • Marine & Terrestrial EIAs
  • Threatened Species Management
  • Aquatic Ecology and Water Quality
  • GIS & Conservation Planning.


Ecobalance has worked on numerous multi-disciplinary impact assessment projects within the tourism sector e.g. Working with the Gumbaynggirr Aboriginal people to articulate their vision of developing sustainable enterprises that promote training and long-term employment. Our team developed the business case that provides a pathway to a self-governed and autonomous decision making Aboriginal cultural centre located at Dorrigo NSW Australia.  This facility would provide an exceptional opportunity to highlight the Gumbaynggirr nation and culture, promote a social network and generate financial independence.

We have a strong working knowledge of securing project approvals for developments including the determination of background environmental, social and cultural values and identifying ways in which to protect and enhance these values. Our team is sought out to assist clients with identification of risks and opportunities and preparing feasibility studies as well as representing clients in discussions with government agencies and community. Ecobalance’s services assisting the Tourism sector includes:

  • Business case development.
  • Feasibility studies.
  • Stakeholder analysis.
  • Community facilitation and engagement.
  • Development applications & permits.


We understand the importance of efficient road, rail and air transport facilities. Today’s transportation projects need to meet the evolving demands of growing populations, whilst demonstrating financial and social value, while not irreparably damaging the natural environment. We provide professional services for roads, rail, airports and shipping including feasibility assessments, concept and master planning, land tenure advice, development applications, permits. We can fulfil the role of environmental manager for construction or maintenance projects which includes ecological surveys, development of EMPs and EMS auditing.

Our services to the transportation sector include:

  • Feasibility studies and land tenue advice, 
  • Development applications & permits, 
  • Material change of use approvals and development project management.
  • Ecological assessments.

Urban Development

Our team of experienced planners, project managers and environmental scientists allows us to offer seamless urban development solutions to clients from vision inception to delivery across a diverse range of urban development projects. Ecobalance can project manage, produce feasibility study documentation and provide advice, concept designs, detailed designs and construction management to satisfy council requirements. We can successfully and efficiently manage the approvals process, liaise with the relevant authorities and provide the right level of detail to ensure your development is approved with cost effective design and construction methods that will meet the market’s demands.

Our services to the Urban Development sector include:

  • Feasibility and due diligence assessments, 
  • Operational works and development applications, 
  • Material change of use approvals and development project management.
  • Ecological Assessments.