Our Services

We partner with our clients to gain a true understanding of their requirements and help guide them through each stage of a project.

Planning Services

Planning knowledge and skills are vital to the development and improvement of the places we live in. We connect the knowledge, skill and experience of our planners and project managers with innovative practice, technical capabilities and the highest degree of integrity. 

Ecobalance’s planning services include:

  • Pre-feasibility & feasibility studies;
  • Development approvals;
  • Business planning & business case preparation;
  • Land tenure assessments;
  • Due diligence assessments;
  • Assessment of development potential/acquisition reports;
  • Liaising with federal, state & local agencies;
  • Strategic planning;
  • Operational works approvals;
  • Tender and contract management;
  • Quality assurance and compliance;
  • Strategic environmental advice
  • OH&S & Risk management.

Environmental Services

Our team has developed a reputation as an innovative, reliable provider of first-class professional advice in environmental management and sustainability solutions. Our scientists and ecologists are recognised as suitably qualified persons, certified environmental practitioners and auditors.

Ecobalance’s environmental services include:

  • Environmental & social impact assessment (ESIA);
  • Marine habitat surveys;
  • Fauna & vegetation surveys;
  • GIS mapping & spatial analysis;
  • Weed & pest surveys;
  • Ecological restoration planning;
  • Bushfire management planning;
  • Air quality monitoring;
  • Water quality monitoring;
  • Noise & vibration monitoring;
  • Water quality sampling & analysis;
  • Environmental management systems auditing ISO 14001;
  • Environmental management plans;
  • Environmental approvals.

Community Services

Our team works closely with your community to identify any problems and then brainstorms with your team to find the best business solutions for your organisation. We listen to your aspirations and respect your local knowledge to focus on the most viable options. We then guide you on implementation and provide feedback periodically or when your organisation requires it.

Ecobalance’s community services include: 

  • Aboriginal & traditional owner enterprise development advisory;
  • Mentoring & support advisory;
  • Stakeholder & community engagement;
  • Skill transfer & NRM training;
  • Liaising with government agencies;
  • Program development, assessment & evaluation;
  • Organisational governance:
    • Membership matters,
    • Matters relating to meetings to directors and officers,
    • Record keeping & reporting
    • Risk management,
    • Financial management,
    • Corporation’s rule book,
    • Behavioural matters and communication.
  • Grant applications & submissions.