Urban Development Project

Project Overview

Ecobalance prepared a flora and fauna assessment and vegetation managment report (F&FA/VMR) to support a proposed development on South Stradbroke Island. The proposed impact assessable material change of use development involves the demolition of an exisiting single storey dwelling and re-establishment of a contemporary single detached dwelling.

Our Role

Ecobalance undertook an assessment and report inclusive of the following: 

  • A desk top review of relevant conservation and planning requirements; 
  • Surveyed vegetation overlaid onto the proposed development footprint to determine setbacks from the proposed dwelling and ancillary structures;
  • Identifying weed species within the property;
  • Identify areas of ecological significance;
  • Identify and classify areas into ecological restoration zones and reference on a map;
  • Identify and document the site-specific ecological restoration actions;
  • Targeted searches for animal scats, nesting activity, scratching and marks on trees to identify arboreal activity, and uncovering logs, bark and litter in order to identify small animals,
  • Details and information on the site’s fauna value; 
  • Strategies for managing vegetation clearing and subsequent impacts to the site’s fauna.


Global Positioning System (GPS) mapping of trees included: tree height, tree species, canopy spread, general health and weed species present on site A rapid fauna assessment also was undertaken to determine the sites specific fauna values. The data shows that the trees within the proposed development foot print meets the assessable criteria, prescribed under the relevant vegetation management development code. This area also contributes significantly to local habitat complexity and flora diversity and provided adequate refuge for any animals dispersed during vegetation removal.  A number of specific management actions were proposed for minimising impacts to flora and fauna from the proposed development.


Gold Coast QLD Australia.


Tim Bennetton Architects Pty Ltd.